Life is Your Journey


Life can be so many things: short, fun, unexpected, challenging, sad, happy. There are many ways to describe life and those adjectives good, bad or indifferent, are everchanging. The one thing to keep in mind, is that life is a journey, and it is your own personal journey.

As children, we are taught right from wrong and shown the ways of the world. As we grow, we learn and come into our own, so when we go out into the world on our own, we are then hopefully equipped to survive and thrive. Although there are many things that shape the way our lives play out, we have to remember that we are the owners of our destiny. We are not be in charge of everything that happens to us, but we are in charge of how we react to those things.

Right now, many of us would agree that life is challenging. Stress and anxiety plague many of us. However, we need to remember that this is our journey and the most important thing is that we take care of ourselves and those that mean that most to us. This means talking hold of the things you can control and making sure they are helping you to live a purposeful and happy life.

It took me a long time to learn that no matter how stressful my day was at work, if I dwelled on it and took the stress home with me, I was allowing it to take away from my personal time and the little free time I had to spend with those that I loved. So, I made the decision that if I had a bad day, I would tell my husband about it and then let it go and be in the moment with him and my family.

Recently, I found myself in a very challenging job. I had a very abusive boss who expected everyone to work around the clock and constantly insulted, belittled and swore at the employees. I was burnt out, upset and angry all the time, and finding this was getting in the way of my time. It was constantly consuming me. I was always in a bad mood. This was not fair to my son and husband. I was interviewing for another job, but things just kept getting worse. So, one day I decided to take my power back and I turned in my resignation and walked out. This was a big step for me as I am very diplomatic, and would never think of leaving a job without giving notice or having another one lined up. As scary as this was, I knew it was what I needed to happen. Life is too short to deal with someone this abusive. I have no regrets and ended up getting some well-deserved time off and landing another job!

In the above situation I told myself for months that I needed to stay because I support my family, I needed my son to understand the importance of having a job, and not being a quitter. I needed to stay until I found another job or it would be really difficult to find one. Sure, all of these reasons are valid. However, was all of this more important than my health and happiness? The answer is No! Sometimes we need to take a step back and assess our worth and importance. As I said above, life is your journey. You choose how to react to your circumstances. Things will not always be filled with rainbows, but choose to rise above, to find your solution and above all choose own your happiness. Life may be many things, but you only get one and it is short, so make it count!

I send you all blessings for happiness and the hope and will for you to rise above the stress and take care of what is most important…You!