Just Go For It!




One of my friends is the epitome of someone who grabs life by the horns, takes chances and does not let things stand in the way of her happiness. She is independent, determined and happy!  I admire this so much. She did the corporate thing for years and decided that she was no longer fulfilled with traditional hours, overtime with no pay and working more than anything else. So, she started her own consulting business. Many people do this, right? Absolutely. However, that was only the beginning. She also decided she wanted to travel and see more of the country. She bought herself a small travel trailer, and travels the U.S. for three to four weeks at a time, just she and her dog. She is checking off the things on her bucket list and making it work. She told me that people always tell her they wish they could live like her, and she tells them to just go for it, as that is what she did. In the past three months she has traveled the Pacific Northwest Coast, stayed by the Redwoods, visited California’s wine country, gone to Utah, Wyoming and Montana.

So, how does she make it work? She really just does it. She finds places with Wifi to have her meetings and do her work, and manages her business both on and off the road. It is that simple for her. She really makes it work and there is no hidden secret.

Why do I tell you her story? I know not all of us can just drop everything, buy a trailer and travel the world. I tell you her story because so many of us have dreams and wants that are bigger than what we are currently doing. Life is short and making sure you do as much as you can that is fulfilling and creates happiness is so important. You were not put here to just work and raise a family.

Dream big and find a way to achieve those things that you dream about. When following your dreams, make them realistic to your life. You never know where that will lead.  You deserve to be the best version of yourself, the happiest version of yourself and the most satisfied!


“All your dreams are within reach, no matter how big or crazy they might seem.” – Jeannette Maw

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt