Today We Honor Those Who Served







On a day like Veteran’s Day, we proudly honor our many Veteran’s who have passed, and are still with us. Their sacrifices for our freedom should be acknowledged and appreciated. I am the proud wife of an United States Air Force Veteran, Aunt to an enlisted Army Soldier, Daughter-In-Law to a Vietnam Vet and Grand Daughter to a World War Two Navy Veteran. It is important as we honor them, that we also remember that many of our Veteran’s and first responders are struggling with physical and mental issues, as a result of their time in the field.

Veteran’s Affairs cites that they see over 1.7 million Veteran’s for mental health annually. What’s even more staggering, is that according to the USO, over 30, 000 Veteran’s who served after 9/11 have taken their lives as a result of PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Approximately 22 Veteran’s commit suicide daily due to mental and physical health issues. One is too many!  It is important to also talk about the issues our first responders suffer, as many of them are also suffering from PTSD, suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety.

So, as we honor them, we also need to support them and help them with the resources they need. Many, are proud people who are reluctant to seek help. This is what leads to bigger issues. There are so many organizations out there that can help.  Veteran’s Affairs is the largest and most well-known, but each state has a multitude of local resources.  There is also a National Suicide Prevention Line – 1-800-273-8255. If you have a friend or loved one who needs help, let them know you are there and support them. You can also reach out personally for help on the best ways to support them if you do not know how.

Although today we specifically honor and celebrate United States Veteran’s, we must also remember that countless others suffer from physical and mental health issues. There are many resources for anyone suffering. Don’t be too proud or reluctant to seek help. We all should strive to live happy, stress free, healthy lives.

Remember that physical and mental well-being are the pinnacle to a happy, healthy life. We should want this for our friends, loved ones and all of our Armed Forces and First responders. Today, take a moment to honor them!