Never Give Up

This is a blog article written by a friend of mine named Mara. She is a mom, wife, daughter, friend, colleague, and so much more! Her story is one riddled with health issues, pain, lots of medication, ups, downs, hope, determination and success. She is an example of someone who chose not only to fight to get her health and quality of life back, but to take what she learned and to help others. In this article you will see how important it is to trust your gut, ask questions, ask for help and seek additional options. I am so excited to have her contribute to my blog and hope you are as moved by her story as I was.


I am a 3 time cancer survivor. Yes, you heard it here. After having Leukemia 3 times, and 2 stem cell transplants over the course of 5 years all starting at 34 years old.

Western medicine saved my life. I am so lucky. Western medicine put me into remission and I am forever grateful. However, yes, it doesn’t end there, there is more to my health journey. After achieving remission, I had what I thought was a routine MRI. You see, after you’ve had cancer, MRI’s become part of the routine. This time what I expected to be all clear, was not. The brain MRI showed 3 inoperable ‘spots’ and brain inflammation.

The doctors were stumped with how to treat me. I went to primary Care Physicians, Neurologists, Oncologists, Bone Marrow Transplant Doctors, Endocrinologists and the only thing they could agree on was that I was ‘complicated’. The only medication they agreed on treating me with was a high powered steroid medication called prednisone. I was scared and even after being through all the chemo, stem cell transplants, and multiple poison medications, I blindly accepted a new regimen of prednisone to help me. In hindsight I wish I had researched all of the poison that I had put in my body over these  years treating my cancer. I did not read the side effects of prednisone which at the time was a band aid to a much more ‘complicated’ illness and covered up the root inflammation/ oxidative stress. You see prednisone is/ was a necessary evil, and for me it caused more harm then help. After taking high doses of prednisone it deteriorated the bones in my body causing me to have a hip replacement at the ripe old age of 41, and many more ailments then benefits. Most importantly I became dependent on it, and it did not reduce the inflammation and brain spots which were the original reason I was taking the prednisone. But now I was dependent on it.

After a year of more failures than progress, I found a natural scientifically proven product with studies proving it reduced Oxidative Stress by 40%  in 30 days. Well, that is what I needed.  I knew that I had to try this as everyone had given up on me, and I was not willing to keep living life like this. I reached out to all of my doctors,  you know that team across 5 different specialties  in multiple facilities throughout the state, and shared this Little Yellow Activator with them. Since I have an amazing team that I greatly trust, it was imperative that they approve what I put in my body. As I write this, it sounds a bit odd since they didn’t ask my approval before filling my body with the highly addictive steroid that has caused me so much harm, but I digress. Regardless, their approval was important to me.  4 of the 5 doctors told me it was fine for me to take it, and the final doctor, the one whose opinion I most valued said, ’you can take the little yellow activator, but it is a waste of your money.’ My ears perked up, I looked at him and said, ‘so, you say I can take it? that is all I needed to here.’ I took it for 6 months, and felt good. I had another MRI and it confirmed my feelings. The spots and inflammation on my brain were gone! I went back to my doctor and he was shocked when he saw the MRI report. He asked me what had happened, why were my results so good. I looked at him and said, ‘remember that little yellow activator you said was a waste of my money? Well, it is the only thing I have changed and look at me now. I am going to take this everyday and make sure that everyone I know and care about knows about this and how it can help them.’ He pulled the shocked look on his face and asked for more information so he could share it with his patients.

That is why I am sharing this today. Western medicine was and is still a valuable part of my original treatment and something I am currently weaning off of. Oh, the weaning process, don’t get me started on that. However, if it were not for the Little Yellow Activator ( I do not know if I would be here to tell you this story. I have since been able to add in so many additional aspects of non-western medicine to help my overall quality of life and be the wife, mother, friend, colleague that I am today. I am so lucky and grateful.


Keep Smiling, Mara