Intro To The Blog – If It’s Going to Happen to Someone…

Ok, so I have always been that girl that everything would happen to! People would always say, if it is going to happen to someone, it was going to happen to me. Annoying, yes, but this has left me filled with a lot of experiences, both positive and negative. I am sure many of you can relate. However, I hope if you are reading this blog that I can help to inspire some of you, help you to see other people are going through the same things, make you laugh and provide some helpful solutions. Thank you for taking the time to follow me.


Let me first tell you a little about me. I am 41 years old, live in Arizona with my wonderful husband who is my best friend, my amazing five year old son and our four year old Labrador/Australian Shepard. My Mom and brother live in Arizona and my Dad lives in Maine, where I was born. I also have a 17 year old stepson. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and I am a Marketing Director and working Mom, who loves to travel, cook and workout.


Like all of you, I am navigating this new normal since the pandemic started. I feel like this is a great starting point as we are all living some form of new normal. Please see my next blog for the things I have learned and experienced during lockdown.


Thanks again for following me.